Do the parts look as good as the photos?

All of our parts are stored in grease and oil.  Some early parts may have had light surface rust from years of sitting around.  All of the parts used for the photos were of average condition, cleaned and wire wheeled to look that good.  You will have a part in similar condition unless you chose a specific condition (where available).  All parts are hand selected, inspected and shipped in whatever grease or oil they were stored in.  It is up to the buyer to clean and prep all parts before installation.  All parts are in good order.  See our condition descriptions for further details.

Do you ship Internationally?

The short answer is NO. If you try and circumvent this policy and have your order shipped to a domestic re-shipping service and they refuse to export your order, I will not be held responsible nor will you receive a refund. Try this at your own risk.

Can I exchange?

Exchanges are granted only at the expense of the buyer.

My package hasn't arrived and it's been (so many) days, what can you do?

The US Postal Service is sometimes slow or suffers from delays.  It is not unusual for a small parcel to get delayed.  We are not responsible for how long it takes the US Postal Service to deliver.  If a package hasn't arrived after 30 days we will then decide the best course of action ie: sending out another product (depending on availability), or a refund of some sort.  Please don't email us about a package delay until you've allowed at least 30 days to pass.  Late packages usually show up when you least expect it.

Can I have a part in "Mint" condition?

We don't use the term "Mint" condition here because most of our parts are used and condition is in the eye of the beholder.  If we think a part is "Mint" we will use the term "Minty" and those parts are sold at a premium.  If a part is not available in "Minty" condition in the drop down menu feel free to ask but most likely we haven't found that part in "Minty" condition.

Can we trade parts for parts, etc?

In some cases if we need more stock we may buy parts.  It really depends on what you have.  Please click the link below to see our "wanted" page.

Can I pay with a Check, Money Order or Other?

We don't accept checks. (Unless its for a high dollar amount and you get a Certified Bank Check).  You may pay with a United States Postal Service Money Order but you must email me first to give me your order information. 

We also accept payment in the form of Silver or Gold. If you wish to pay using precious metals you may inquire about that. I accept a lot of “junk silver” coins, .925 items, rounds, etc. The stuff must be weighed and properly proof marked. No blank silver ingots, etc. No gold or silver plate. No mixed metal items. Metals will be inspected before you items ship. (Value of the metals is calculated at the end of the day when you place the order. I will base amount on market value as of that day.

Currently I’m trying to work out a way to accept bitcoin as a payment option but am unable to do so at this time.

For information about paying with any of the above please click the "Contact Us" button below and email me.