Good Condition

Parts described as "Good Condition" will be in average used condition.  They are perfectly serviceable parts for guns that are clearly used or in good "field use" condition.  There may be wear to the original finish and/or small marks from normal wear and tear.  Any patina on older parts are from age and years of sitting in crates will be able to be cleaned to desired finish.  Most of my used parts will be listed under this condition description.  Most of these parts have been "Battlefield tested" and were stripped down by the US armory in the early 1900s.  You will not get junk.

"Minty" Condition

Here at Granpa's Gun Parts we don't use the term "Mint" because these parts are old and have been stored for many many years among other parts.  All parts described as "Minty" are near perfect in appearance, finish and condition.  They may be lightly used or never issued parts that will complete any "collector" grade gun.  These parts are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!  Hence the premium prices.

Excellent Condition

These parts are very nice, new or lightly used parts that are too nice to be average but not good enough to make the "minty" condition quality.

N.O.S. Condition

N.O.S. are New Old Stock parts.  Most of these kinds of parts are listed for the 1903 and later.  These are parts that were still in the original factory packaging and grease and will be guaranteed brand new never issued condition.

Fair Condition

Fair condition parts are too nice to be poor but not nice enough to be good.  They may have a couple blemishes, minor pitting spots, etc.

Poor Condition

Poor condition parts are in working order but not pretty to look at.  They will be the "bottom of the barrel" parts that can be rusty, pitted, scratched, or bright finish.  Markings such as stamps, etc. will most likely not be visible.  They are for the man who just needs a part to function and doesn't want to spend a lot of money.  (Bolt bodies listed under this condition are not for shooting).  You will need to spend some time with these parts.  You get what you pay for.  (Sights listed as poor condition will not be in working order and will need to be rebuilt or assembled entirely).

General Information

All of our parts are stored in grease or oil and will need to be cleaned when you receive them.  We hand select and inspect every part we ship to make sure you are getting the right part, markings and condition ordered.  We have hand selected parts with much success since Granpa started his mail order business in the 1950s so please order with confidence!  We aim to please!  Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to helping you with all your project needs!


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